Bum up pose for Guide to Newborn Poses post

As a newborn photographer, I have lots of babies come to my studio to have their portraits taken. This guide shows some of the newborn poses that I work with in the studio. Every baby is different, and I love creating special, unique artwork for each client. 

Newborn Poses

Not every baby will be comfortable in every pose, and a baby should never be forced into a position that makes them uncomfortable. As with everything at Kashele Photography, safety is the highest priority. Baby is always fully supported at all times, and some poses are done as composites (digitally combining multiple images) so that hands can be on or near the baby when a spotter is needed. That being said, here are some of the poses used in my newborn sessions.

Bum up

This pose obviously gets its name from the way baby’s bum sticks up in the air. (So cute!) I LOVE the little back rolls and the way that you can see all the facial details as well as little fingers and the toes peeking out in the back. This pose is definitely one of my favorites!

Bum up pose for Guide to Newborn Poses post

Huck Finn

The Huck Finn pose is characterized by the baby being placed on their back with their little legs up on top of their body. The way they are curled up in this pose is an excellent way of showing off how tiny they are at this precious newborn stage!

Huck Finn Pose for Guide to Newborn Poses post

Side Pose

Most babies LOVE this pose! The classic version of this pose has the hands placed together under the bottom cheek, but I often do a variation with one hand on each cheek because I love how squishy it makes the cheeks look!

Side Pose for Guide to Newborn Poses post


I use several different variations of this pose. I love the simplicity of this one on my poser, but it also looks great with a baby curled up in a bowl or prop!

Swaddled pose

Tucked into Bed

I know that a newborn using a blanket for naps/bedtime is a big, “No-no,” but supervised in my studio it sure makes for some cute portraits. I just love how snuggly they look!

Tucked into Bed Pose for Guide to Newborn Poses post

Prop Shots

I have an assortment of props available to use for your session. Props are a great way to bring variety into your gallery.

Newborn in a tiny gray bed

Potato Sack

Potato sack is great for settling babies because newborns love the support of being swaddled. It makes them feel safe and secure. Baby is fully supported at all times during this pose.

Potato Sack Pose for Guide to Newborn Poses post


This pose is designed to look like the baby is lounging in a little hammock. Though I don’t use this pose every session, it works great for babies who are a little less curly and flexible.

Newborn baby girl in a hammock

Hanging Basket

I want to emphasize that the baby should never be suspended. Advanced photography techniques are used to create the illusion that the baby is hanging in this pose.

image of newborn baby in a backlit hanging basket pose

In Parent’s Hands

This is another pose that uses advanced photography techniques. I never actually suspend babies in the air or place them in a dangerous position. I love how this pose gives such a great size comparison with Daddy’s hands!

In Parents hands pose

Sibling poses

There is something so sweet about those first precious portraits of baby with big sister or brother! They always seem to be some of Mom’s favorites! 

Portrait of baby with big sister on a bed

Parent poses

I know you may not feel like getting in front of the camera yourself, but I promise these early portraits of you with your new baby will be some of your child’s most cherished pictures as they grow older! I love documenting this special time and these beautiful relationships!

Parent Pose

Newborn Poses Summary

There you have it! Those are the newborn poses I use during my sessions! If you have a particular favorite, make sure you let me know when we are planning your session! Feel free to reach out so we can start designing the perfect session for your little one!