Image of swaddled baby for Portraits with Newborn Wraps post

Newborn wraps can be super helpful in being able to capture portraits quickly. Petite Wrapped Newborn Sessions only last up to an hour, so wrapping allows me to quickly settle the baby and get them content for their portraits quickly. Babies love being swaddled! It makes them comfy and cozy, and most fall asleep after I swaddle them. But, having those little arms and legs contained allows us to take beautiful portraits even if your baby resists the urge to sleep.

Swaddled portraits are also great for babies that are a little older than the two-week mark. Babies are most sleepy and flexible during the first two weeks of life. After that, we are likely more limited in the poses that your baby will be comfortable in. (Though, I’ve had some three-week-old babies recently who did awesome, and even let me pose them unwrapped.) Newborn wraps allow us to soothe older babies and still document this special time when they are oh-so-little!

Portraits with Newborn Wraps

So, what kind of final portraits can you expect from a Petite Wrapped Newborn Session? During these shorter sessions, I’ll try to get as much variety as I can! Here are a few examples of portraits created during Petite Wrapped Newborn sessions:

Simple Backlit

There is something so elegant and beautiful about a simple backlit portrait. It draws your attention right to where you want it-that precious little face!

Portraits with Newborn Wraps Simple Backlit

Hanging Basket

I want to emphasize: NEVER suspend a baby in the air. I used advanced photography techniques to create the illusion that the baby is hanging in this pose. The baby was safely in contact with the ground the entire time. Safety is the highest priority in my studio, and it is never worth risking your baby’s safety for a shot. Do not attempt this pose at home.

This pose is becoming increasingly popular with my clients. Clients specifically ask me for it after seeing it on my website, and it’s clear why!

Portraits with Newborn Wraps Hanging Basket

Tucked into Bed

I know that a newborn using a blanket for naps/bedtime is a big, “No-no,” but supervised in my studio it sure makes for some cute portraits. I just love how snuggly they look! This is another one of those portraits where less is more. Simplicity and beauty to keep the focus where it belongs.

Portraits with Newborn Wraps Tucked into bed


I call this setup the “butterfly” because of the fabric detail on each side that looks kind of like wings.

Butterfly Newborn Wraps

There is another variation from this setup that has been called “Willy Wonka” and is shot from a different angle.

Portraits with Newborn Wraps Willy Wonka

Wrapped Prop Shots

I have a collection of props that we can use to add variety to your session. This little bed and my bucket are most popular!

Portraits with Newborn Wraps Bed Prop
Portraits with Newborn Wraps Bucket Prop


One of my favorite ways to get a lot of variety for your session and minimize moving your baby around too much (and decrease the likelihood of waking them) is by creating composites. I can create and photograph setups before your session, then use them as a digital background to place your baby into in Photoshop. These obviously take preplanning to make them look realistic, but can create stunning results!

Portraits with Newborn Wraps Shelf Composite
Portraits with Newborn Wraps Pine Heart Composite
Portraits with Newborn Wraps Floral Heart Composite

Newborn Wraps

Well, there you have it! Those are some of the portraits with newborn wraps that are typical for a Petite Wrapped Newborn Session! I can’t wait to create beautiful portraits of your sweet little one! Learn about Elite Session poses or Newborn Sessions.