Image of little boy being held by his father at the park

Hello! Welcome to the Kashele Photography blog!  I’m so excited that you are here!

I’m Kashele (pronounced Kuh-shell).  My husband always tells people that it’s like ‘Michelle’ but spelled wrong.  The path into the photography world wasn’t a direct one for me, but I’m grateful to be here and for every step along the way.

Kashele Photography Blog

My husband and I both studied Electrical Engineering in college, which is where we met. (Though he ended up graduating in Biological Engineering instead. He hated software and circuits.)  After graduation, he told me that I was lucky because, “most people don’t get their dream job right out of college.” I was making military radios and secure communication systems, and I LOVED it! (If you want to see me geek out, ask me about electromagnetics.)  

A few years later, we made the life-changing decision to start our family.  I happily chose to stay at home in order to raise our baby boy. He was very shy, especially when he was younger. For a while, he was even reserved around his grandparents.  During multiple attempts at getting professional pictures, he would just stare at the photographer as if to say, “Who are you, and what are we doing here?”

He has the sweetest little personality and the most contagious smile, but he just wouldn’t show them around anyone else.  I wanted to be able to look back on the times when he was younger with more than just blurry phone pictures.  I wanted high quality images that captured his personality.  So I started learning everything I could about photography in order to document his charming little character.  Thus, my love of photography grew from the love I have for my family.

Now, I hope to be able to serve others with what I have learned.  I want your children to enjoy their session.  I focus on making sure kids have a wonderful experience, allowing me to capture their genuine expressions.  Images that portray personality or show relationships are my favorites!

Image of little boy with birthday hat and balloons in his crib for Welcome to Kashele Photography Blog Image of little boy walking on fallen tree supported by his father for Welcome to Kashele Photography Blog

Image of little boy being held by his father at the park for Welcome to Kashele Photography Blog

Image of little boy being carried on his father's shoulders on a boardwalk for Welcome to Kashele Photography Blog