Wire Heart Garland for Valentines Day Decor post

My decorating style tends to be a bit minimalistic, but this year I thought it would be fun to do a few crafts with the kids to make some Valentines day decor. There are so many crafty ideas out there, so I’ll just highlight a few we made and link to a handful of others that caught my eye online.

Valentines Day Table Runner

This is a fun way to add a pop of color to your dining area! I cut hearts out of foam, then used hot glue to connect them together into a runner. Kimberly has a tutorial over at A Night Owl. Follow her directions on how much glue to use- I put too much!

Valentines Day Table Runner for Valentines Day Decor post
Valentines Day Table Runner for Valentines Day Decor post

Wire Heart Garland

I love how dainty this one looks, yet it’s durable! It’s pretty and elegant, and has nice clean lines. I cut the wire into 18 inch pieces and folded them in half with pliers. Gently pulling the ends apart, I then wrapped them around a mason jar to give them the rounded shape at the top. Use hot glue or clear tape to secure the ends together. Finally, connect your hearts together using ribbon, then step back and admire your creation. You can find the full tutorial from Landeelu. I recommend sticking with the 12 gauge wire she suggests. Mine was thicker and it made it difficult to manipulate.

Wire Heart Garland for Valentines Day Decor post

Other Valentines Day Decor

I didn’t have time to get to all of these, but here were a few other crafts that sounded fun as I was browsing for inspiration:

Bouquets and Vases

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

Valentines Day Branch Tree

Origami Heart Flower Bouquet

Heart Wreaths

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

Tissue Paper Flower Valentines Day Wreath

Tulip Heart Valentines Wreath

Cookies (To Treat Your Guests)

Fondant Gold Heart Cookies

Bonus: Self Care and Gifts

Lip Scrub

Lip Balm

Homemade Bubble Bath