Utah Newborn Photography smiling baby in a bowl surrounded by dinosaurs

Utah newborn photography is my favorite! The great thing about being a newborn photographer in Utah is that there are soooo many babies here! Utahns just love having babies! (You can’t really blame us, just look at this adorable little man– SO cute!) I mean, really though, sometimes I just want to keep these sweet little ones when they come in for their newborn session! Baby hungry, anyone?

This little man’s Daddy was friends with my husband since high school. My husband and I went to their wedding reception, and I just remember thinking that Jess was so pretty! She was the most beautiful bride! And now they have such an adorable family, with a little boy a few months younger than my son and this little guy who is a little younger than my daughter. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and we still get together with their family from time to time. It’s always so fun to hang out with this sweet family, and I’m so glad they brought their little man in for a newborn session!

Now, about the actual session… 

Utah Newborn Photography

First, can we all just acknowledge how sweet these brothers are?! Big brother was so well behaved, and totally happy to snuggle and kiss his baby brother. How freaking cute are they?!

Second, Mama and baby, can you say gorgeous?! I mean, I wish I looked that good within weeks of giving birth! And her hair is perfection! Seriously, hair goals over here! If it’s even possible, Jess is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside. She’s always so upbeat even when she was going through some really difficult stuff that I can’t even imagine dealing with. She is so sweet with her family, and I love seeing their interactions. Just all around beautiful!

Finally, Dad. Matt is so funny! He always has everyone around him laughing, and is so fun to be around! I can definitely see why my husband made friends with him clear back when! And that Daddy-Baby eye contact? So precious!

This is such a sweet family, and it was such an honor to be able to capture these precious moments with their new family member for them! I loved working with them!

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