Baby in huck fin pose for utah newborn photographer post

I love being a Utah newborn photographer! I get to meet all the sweet babies when they are so tiny and fresh from heaven! Sometimes they even give me a smile! At times, I think these sessions give me my baby fix and push off the baby hunger. Other times, I think they make it worse because I just want to keep all that adorable squish! Anyway, I’m excited to share this sweet session with this gorgeous baby girl!

Utah Newborn Photographer

This little lady came in to the studio with her cute family! She is going to be well looked-after because she has two older brothers to make sure no one gives her any trouble! Mom really wanted some shots with her brothers. Particularly one with each brother giving their baby sister a kiss. The little lady didn’t seem to mind getting kissed by her oldest brother, but when the middle child came in for his kiss… Well, you can check out the pictures to see how well she liked that!

These big brothers were the sweetest and cooperated so well for their pictures with baby sister! They sat next to her little bed, cuddled her, and gave her kisses (despite her protests on one occasion). They were the sweetest big brothers!

After brothers and Dad went home, I spent some time with mom and the little miss. She was the sweetest little thing and even gave me a smile before I had a chance to put a new headband on. 

There is something so beautiful and pure about a baby in white! I love using this little lace romper on a white backdrop! I find myself drawn to the simplicity of white, so I’ve been using it more and more lately. We threw in a couple pops of color just for good measure.

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