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What a beautiful and special time! You are literally creating life and growing a tiny human! From the excitement of telling your partner, to those first butterfly flutter kicks, and that special connection you have with your baby before you even meet. You’re going to want to remember these beautiful moments of anticipation. I’m Kashele, a Utah maternity photographer, and I would love to help you document your journey into motherhood!

“But, Kashele, I have stretch marks and cankles, and I’m bloated! Is now really the time to take pictures?” Yes, you are beautiful now, and I want you to know and feel that!

Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but someday you’ll reflect back with kinder eyes and thank yourself for documenting these cherished memories.

I have an ever-growing client closet with a selection of gowns and bodysuits for use during your session. My flattering lighting, maternity posing techniques, and retouching experience will help you look your best in your portraits! (I specialize in newborns, so I know how to remove blemishes while retaining the natural skin texture.)

Fine art studio maternity photography sessions are available as an add-on to a Newborn Session. (You can schedule both and not have to worry about finding a newborn photographer later.)

““Wow, thank you so much! I’m super self conscious about how I look pregnant, and this helps me remember that no matter what stage in life I’m at, I look great!”


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