Huck Fin pose for Utah County Newborn Photography Post

Utah County Newborn Photography is my absolute favorite! I’ve met some of the sweetest people through my photography (and their parents have been super nice, too). I adore my clients!

I connected with Faith (mom) right away when she contacted me for her newborn session! She was so sweet, smart, and funny, and I really enjoyed preparing for the session with her! She requested blush pink and gray for her session colors, and I love how they turned out!

Utah County Newborn Photography

This sweet girl was a 9.6 pound baby and had the most adorable chubby cheeks! (Bless her mom’s heart!) She was the cutest little chunk! Her session went amazing! I was able to get some adorable portraits of her because she was so sleepy! We even got some little kissy lips and a smile! I’m still not over those cheeks! Faith commented during the session that this is the only time in your life when a double chin is considered cute. That’s so true! Everything is cute when you’re this little! Chubby cheeks, double chin, baby rolls, the little snoring noises… All of those things are considered cute at this age, but not when you get older. I love documenting this sweet stage in babies’ lives!

Mom told me that the nursery was pink watercolor flowers, so I created the perfect setup to match! She also has a beautiful vintage framed mirror in her room, so we did another setup to fit.

Faith has great taste, and I adore the final portraits they chose! It was so fun working with this sweet family, and I loved every minute!

Newborn sessions are my very favorite, and I love being able to document this sweet and special time for families to cherish for a lifetime (and beyond).

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