Utah County Milestone Photography session image of little boy smith sitting on a chair

I love Utah County Milestone Photography! I tend to do a lot of milestone sessions in the studio, so it was fun to head outdoors this time. It turned into a whole different kind of adventure!

Utah County Milestone Photography

At one and a half years old, props are great to help keep your attention during pictures. This little man’s mom brought the cutest little chair for him to sit on during the session. When that lost his attention, he was happy to wander around finding his own props (because there are all sorts of fun things to play with outside).

The little guy loved toddling around discovering all the leaves, rocks, and sticks (and throwing them into the stream). It was fun following him around and capturing his adventures. We walked across the bridge (over and over again), played in the leaves, watched the water run by, and chased doggies. This is such a fun age of curiosity and learning! I love watching kids figure things out and their wonder at the world!

I convinced Mom to get into a couple shots, too! You know that meme that’s been going around comparing “photos I wish my husband would take,” to “Photos he actually takes”? I know how hard it is to get cute pictures of yourself with your kids (even as a photographer)! I’m glad to be able to add these photos of this cute mama to her collection!

It’s amazing to see how quickly these little ones grow! I know that with my kids, time is flying by even quicker with the second than the first! I love that photos allow us to freeze a moment and revisit it whenever we want. It’s great to be able to capture these beautiful memories for sweet mamas to cherish! Now check out these cute smiles of a toddler roaming during his Utah County Milestone Photography Session!

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