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I love a good “evergreen” product photo that can be used year round. They are so versatile. But something about seasonal product photos makes a product feel so fresh and relevant! It’s no secret that many businesses use end-of-year Christmas marketing to help them meet their sales goals. The same tactic can be used (on a smaller scale) to boost your sales at other times of the year, too!

Seasonal Excitement

The end of the school year brings the excitement of summer and Independence Day. As Summer comes to a close, customers look forward to fall leaves and everything in pumpkin spice flavor. After Thanksgiving, people are looking forward to Christmas. Everyone is always looking forward to the next thing, and you can use that excitement to help drive sales to your business. Seasonal product photos will catch customers’ attention as it resonates with what’s already top of mind for them.

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Seasonal or limited-time-only products create a sense of urgency for customers. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) motivates them to take action. If you offer seasonal products, then seasonal product photos are a natural way to amplify the limited-time-only vibe and drive customers to purchase.

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People don’t buy products or services, they buy the emotion or feeling it gives them. Nostalgia can be a powerful way to propel customers to purchase, especially in relation to a holiday. Many people have fond holiday memories of simpler times. Designing your marketing materials to trigger those memories gives customers a positive association between happier, simpler times and your product and makes them more likely to purchase.

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Using Seasonal Product Photos to Boost Sales

Versatile product photos definitely have their place, but seasonal product photos are so fun! They piggyback on seasonal excitement, help reinforce the scarcity of while-supplies-last offers, and use nostalgia to boost sales. What seasonal marketing resonates most with you? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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