Image of Kashele Photography Studio for What to Expect Post

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes with my business recently, and I’m so excited to share a peek inside for this studio tour post!

Studio Tour of Kashele Photography for What To Expect Post

The Wall Of Light!

When the first client walked into my new studio, she said, “Oh my gosh! You have amazing natural light in here!” While the light in my studio is amazing, it actually isn’t natural light at all. The wall of light is my favorite part of my new studio, by far! It is literally 12ft by 7ft of artificial light that looks like a massive window! I’ve always loved the look of natural light, but I can’t exactly move the sun where I want it to get my lighting perfect. My wall of light gives beautiful, soft light that looks like natural light, but is much more consistent and controllable. I can create bright beautiful portraits at any time of the day or night!

Image showing wall of light with a prop setup

Studio Tour

The color of my studio walls is important to me.  I wanted a shade that was neutral, but I wanted slightly warm undertones that wouldn’t cause cool color casts on skin in my portrait work. I feel like this color turned out perfect! It’s exactly what I was looking for, and I even use the gray walls as a backdrop.

All the Props

I have lots of options for props, wraps, headbands, and little outfits that can be used during your session. I keep the most requested items conveniently stored in the studio. There may or may not be a few additional prop items tucked away in my office closet. (I have a slight problem with loving to buy cute props.) My studio has everything we will need for your newborn session, and there is no need for you to worry about any of these items.

Image of outfits from client closet
Image of silk florals from the studio


I LOVE wraps! And so do my newborn clients! Swaddling makes babies so snuggly and comfortable, and it makes for some adorable portraits as well! I’m a neutrals girl, so I have a variety of whites, grays, tans, and browns with different textures. I love how timeless neutrals are! Pinks and blues are also popular, so I keep those handy, too!

Image of the wraps available in the studio tour for what to expect post

I have a similar selection of backdrops for beanbag posing. They are hand selected to be cohesive and look great together! One of my personal favorites is a white backdrop with a baby wearing white. I just think it looks so pure and beautiful!

image of my collection of beanbag backdrops to use for a newborn session

I host the most precious little guests in my studio and take sanitation very seriously to protect them. I’m a little OCD about keeping my studio clean and safe for new babies. Every item used during a session gets washed, wiped, or disinfected before it is put away to be used again. I wash all the linens with hypoallergenic detergent. I wipe the props down. Everything from the fluff under the baby to the bonnet on their head is cleaned between sessions. I strive to make my studio a safe and comfortable place for my wonderful guests!

I love working in my new studio, and hope you will enjoy being here during your session, too!

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