Amazon Listing Photo of hand towels Product Photography Services Post

The goal of product photography is to show off the best features of your product, give the viewer an emotional connection to your product, and ultimately influence the customer to purchase. Product photography services include:

  • Studio product photos
  • Amazon Product Photography (White Background)
  • Closeup 
  • Product grouping
  • Lifestyle
    • Flat lays
    • In-context/Environmental photography
    • Modeled photography

All of these work together to give a consumer confidence in what they are buying so they feel comfortable clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Studio Product Photos

The best way to capture products is in a studio. The studio gives me complete control over the lighting and environment. This allows me to flatter and highlight the most important features of your product, and show it as realistically as possible.

example of flat lay product grouping

Amazon Product Photography (White Background)

If you scroll through the app, the preferred product photography for Amazon listings will be obvious pretty quickly. There are no distractions in the foreground or background to draw attention away from the product. In addition, these crisp, clean, white background photos show exactly what you are selling. They are great for selling on Amazon (obviously) or giving the thumbnails of your shop a cohesive look.

Amazon Listing photo of acrylic table numbers with a white background for Product Photography Services Post
Amazon style photography of bowtie for product photography services post


Macro photography is great for showing the details and texture of a product. With online shopping, you can’t physically feel the product, so this is the next best thing for a customer. Seeing the soft knit of a sweater or the dimpled texture of leather can help your customers see the quality of your product even though they can’t hold it in their hands.

Close up image showing the knit of a sweater for product photography services post

Product Grouping

Product groupings show pieces included with a product. They can also illustrate the available colors of your product or help the customer associate your products with things they already use that work well with your product.

example of product grouping for product photography services post
example of flat lay product grouping for product photography services post
example of product grouping for product photography services post


The purpose of lifestyle photography is to show your product in use or where it would naturally belong. We can do this through flat lays, in-context photography, and modeled photography, for example.

Flat lays

The defining feature of a flat lay is that it is shot from above looking straight down at your product. They can be similar to Amazon listing photos or product groupings, but can also be styled very elaborately to give more of a “lifestyle” feel and bring in more colors and textures. Flat lays are very versatile for your business because they can be great for collaborations with non-competing brands, posing on social media, announcing sales or giveaways, featuring new products, on your website, or in your email marketing.

flat lay product grouping

In-Context/Environmental Product Photography

This type of photography shows the product where you might see or use it in your home. So, your product might be on a tabletop with other similar items or displayed on the wall.

Environmental product photography of small appliances in the kitchen
example of environmental in-context product photography

Modeled photography

The purpose of modeled photography is to show how a person wears or uses your product. This can also show the fit of clothing or highlight features of a product best displayed in use. So, modeled photography is a great way to tell a story and bring emotion to your marketing!

example of modeled photography for product photography services post
example of modeled for for product photography services post

Product Photography Services

These types of photography work together to tell the story of your product so it will resonate with your ideal customer and entice them to purchase. Learn more about product  photography.