Environmental headshot for Personal Branding Photography post

When you hear the phrase “Personal Branding Photography” you might immediately think of headshots, but there is much more to it than that. Let’s start at the beginning.

Headshot for Personal Branding Photography post

What is personal branding?

“Branding” is the promotion of a specific product or company in advertising and design. It is used to distinguish one company or product from another through cohesive designs, symbols, or images to be easily recognizable to customers. People buy based on the “know, like, trust” factor. Personal branding is representing a company through a face and a personality to increase relatability. The key to personal branding is creating genuine, authentic connection points with your clients or customers. It is about connecting a business with a person and a story. So…

What is personal branding photography?

Personal branding photography is creating imagery around a person and their connection points to their audience or customers. While this can take the form of headshots, it isn’t that limited. Personal branding photography is also any imagery that incorporates your personality and relatable characteristics in association with your brand.

What are connection points?

For example, maybe you are a chocoholic and you sneak sweets while the kids aren’t looking. (I’m raising my hand.) If that’s one of your personal brand’s connection points, then it might make sense for you to incorporate chocolate into your personal branding photography. It creates a natural conversation starter and gives people something to remember about you.

Alternately, maybe you are really into running. (That’s not me, but I wish it was!) If you are frequently participating in 5K’s, that’s something people could relate to. It might make sense to incorporate your running shoes into your brand’s imagery to solidify that connection point.

Reading books connection point

Maybe you’re a bookworm and squeeze reading time into every spare minute. If you are frequently talking about your favorite books, your brand could use imagery that speaks to that connection point.

Boss Babe Personal Branding Photography

Maybe your connection point is your favorite drink, or that you like to work from the comfort of your bed. Whatever connection points you choose, you just want to be authentic. The goal of personal branding photography is to bring more “you” into your business to create genuine connections.

Working from bed connection point for Personal Branding Photography post

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