Man doing bicep curl in papa Bear hoodie

It was so fun to work with Merry & Wit for their Papa Bear Hoodie! I typically work with babies and young children, so this was an interesting challenge. This hoodie is so comfy, and the Papa Bear design is awesome! It’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Beth requested serious, stoic expressions and manly poses with her Papa Bear Hoodie. She requested that the model be doing manly activities to meet the vibe of her sweatshirt. 

Spencer was the perfect model for this! (And not just because he was the only one available during the pandemic.) He let me photograph him while he lifted weights and boxed with his punching bag. It was kinda fun to work with more dramatic lighting. It really made the white design stand out against the dark hoodie. He looks so cool! Plus I’m pretty sure he could hold his own if he ever he needed to defend himself. This has been one of the most fun creative projects I’ve done in a while. It was so different from my typical work with children. It was a fun creative outlet, and I love how these images turned out.

The deck needed to be refinished, and there was some trim work that needed to be done in the house. We took the opportunity to photograph him working on those as well. He said he wasn’t as, “in his element,” during this portion, but I’m really happy with the results.

Papa Bear Hoodie

I already mentioned how great the Papa Bear hoodie itself was, but I also wanted to say how great Beth was to work with! She was just about to have a baby when we were working on her product photos, but she still made sure to communicate with me and make sure I knew the her status and what she wanted in her product photos. She was quick to ship and made sure I knew the shipping status and where the delivery was. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift (or any other vinyl clothing design), you should check out Merry & Wit!

Man boxing in papa bear hoodie