Image of little boy holding his Easter My Little Itch bowtie

I’m so excited to share about these little bow ties from My Little Itch! Styling baby girls is easy because there are all sorts of accessories to use, but I was struggling to style baby boy sessions. Enter My Little Itch! These baby bow ties are exactly what my newborn boy sessions were missing! I love these little holiday bow ties!

Image of little boy holding his Easter My Little Itch bowtie


Bow ties are the perfect way to bring variety into a swaddled session. It’s so easy to swap out bow ties to get a new look in a matter of seconds and without disturbing the baby. I love how quickly I could bring a little Easter theme to this session with this adorable bow tie! Just like swapping out a headband for a girl to get a new style!

Image of baby boy in an Easter My Little Itch bowtie


These little bow ties are awesome for dressing up a newborn, or a milestone session. They come in a range of sizes, so you can use them for all different ages! This little man is 4 years old, and this St. Patrick’s day bow tie comes in his size, too! What a great way to dress up a session for your little man!

Image of little boy making a kissy face in a St. Pactrick's Day bowtie


This one probably goes without saying, but something about a dapper little guy in a bow tie just makes my heart melt! These bow ties are just so cute! I love the way they photograph!

Image of baby boy in a My Little Itch bowtie

ICP Care

My Little Itch donates 10% of each purchase to ICP Care. They are a nonprofit dedicated to furthering the research behind high risk pregnancies, specifically ICP (Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy). I think it’s so cool that Annie supports a cause that is important to her through her business!

Image of little boy in an Easter My Little Itch bowtie

My Little Itch

The best part about these is that they don’t have to be used just for pictures! Though they are super cute for my sessions, you could also use them for a little ring bearer in a wedding or even weekly for church. My son is obsessed with bow ties and loves wearing them around the house, too! (My daughter likes to put them on top of her head like a bow, too, but that’s another story!) The possibilities are endless! I sure love these sweet bow ties from My Little Itch!