Image from minimalistic milestone session

“Minimalism” has become quite the buzzword in today’s culture. I’ve always loved a tidy house. But, I’ve only recently become a minimalist photographer. More and more of my sessions are becoming Minimalist Milestones, and I kind of love it!

minimalist milestone of baby boy in a bowtie

What are Minimalist Milestones?

Minimalism is intentional simplicity by using the fewest elements to create the maximum effect. Usually it is making sure that every item you own serves a purpose. Similarly, I’ve found that removing clutter from portraits allows the focus (your child) to really stand out. This draws your attention to what’s most important. Here are some defining characteristics of minimalist milestones:

  • Simplicity (no clutter or props without a purpose)
  • Child stands out in portraits
  • Limited color palette
minimalist milestone with little girl in a fluffy dress

Why I love Minimalist Milestones


Decor and elaborate prop trends go in and out of style, but there is an elegance and timelessness to simplicity. 

Minimalist milestone with little girl in a bowl

Clean, Professional Look and Feel

I love the clean look and feel of minimalistic portraits. They are free of clutter and distractions.

Minimalist photographer uses no props in milestone session


Minimalistic doesn’t mean no props, but I love making sure every prop adds something to the portrait. If it doesn’t serve a purpose in the picture, it shouldn’t be pulling at your attention. Which brings me to my last point:

Minimalist photographer uses a bowl for portraits of baby girl


The prop-heavy, themed setups can be fun and have their place. (First birthday cake smashes are so exciting!) But sometimes I think we get carried away and lose focus of the real purpose of the portraits-the baby hitting their milestone. When setups get too busy, it can make our eyes jump around the portrait aimlessly instead of being drawn into your little one’s precious face. Eliminating the distractions helps your eyes find the most important things first, so the focus is where it should be-your child.

Minimalist milestone of a baby in a bucket and bow tie

Minimalistic milestones have become increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why! I’d love to help you document your little one’s milestones, so learn more about our Milestone Sessions!