Image of hairbows from brand session

The investment in a brand session may seem high if your plan is just to use the photos for an Instagram post, but your brand photographer can help you with so much more. Here are some suggestions of how you can use the photos from your brand session:

  • Social media 
    • Posts 
    • Lives
    • Stories
    • Reels
  • New Product/Restock Announcements
  • Online
    • Website/About page
    • Blog Posts
    • Etsy header/listings
    • Amazon listing photos
  • Pinterest graphics
  • Email  marketing/campaigns
  • Ads (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Product/Wholesale Catalog
  • Business Cards
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Tags
  • Thank You Product Inserts
Amazon style photography of bowtie for product photography services post

Making the Most of your Brand Session

There are some things you can do throughout the process to help you get the images your business needs to grow during your brand session.

Specific Needs

Let your photographer know early in the process if there is something specific you are looking for in your photos. It can be helpful to put together a mood board or a Pinterest board to give visual examples of what you like. Your photographer may ask you follow up questions about what specifically you like about those inspiration photos (the light, tones, colors, posing, props, etc.) to better understand what attracted you to those photos.

Image from minimalistic milestone session


Thoroughly fill out the branding questionnaire with as much detail as possible, because the better I understand your brand, the better I can represent it in your brand session. If you haven’t ironed out your branding yet, my branding questionnaire can also help you with that. Tell me what you want and what you don’t want: colors, tones, styles, etc. Knowing what you are looking for will help me serve you and your brand better.

Prepare Ahead

Think about where you want to use your photos in advance. If you need a specific aspect ratio for your website header, it’s best to know those types of details before the session. It’s a lot easier to get the correct composition to meet your needs in camera than trying to expand the background in Photoshop afterward. (And it will look more realistic too!)

flat lay product grouping

Seasonal Content vs Year-Around Photos

Branded photos that can be used all year around are a staple for your business, but seasonal content can help boost sales. So, let your photographer know which type of session you need or if you have a theme in mind for your session.

modeled photo of a leafy flower crown

Brand Session

Planning ahead and communicating with your photographer can help you make the most of your brand session, and ensure you get the images your business needs.