Image of big sister snuggling baby sister

This Logan newborn photography session was so fun! They drove 2 hours to my studio in Eagle Mountain with three kids 3 and under, so we definitely got the most we could out of their session! We swaddled her up and she went right to sleep for family shots! How cute are these guys?!

Logan Newborn Photography

Big sister is a pro at her job! She was so sweet and gentle with her new baby sister! She snuggled baby, held her, and even gave her a kiss. I can already tell these two sisters are going to be the best of friends! Big sister is such a natural in front of my camera, and it’s always so fun to photograph her! She loves my camera, and obviously it loves her too!

Brother was less than enthused about the whole situation. He fell asleep in the car and wasn’t thrilled when he woke up in my studio. With a little help from Dad, we still managed to get some cute shots of him with his new baby sister. (Note on safety: Dad securely held brother behind the baby, he was not directly above her.) Thank goodness for Dads who bring the fun!

Mom and Dad were amazing to work with, as always! I love the portraits we got of the two of them with their brand new daughter. These two are such cute parents! Their first family portrait turned out super cute as well!

It’s been so fun to watch this family grow! I’ve been photographing them since big sister was 3 months old. It’s so fun to look back at those old sessions and see how she and brother have grown. I love being able to literally look back in time and see the progression as they grow.

We got some adorable shots with just baby as well! Check out their baby-only post.

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