Side lying pose for Logan Newborn Photographer post

Being a Logan Newborn photographer for a day was so fun! This sweet little one drove from Logan to my studio in Eagle Mountain for her newborn session. I’m so glad they did, because this session was perfection!

Apparently, Aubri told Cade, “I hope Kashele never moves out of state, because since having her do our pictures, I can’t go to anyone else!” They joked about having to get a hotel. I’m glad they didn’t have to. I’m even more glad that they brought their adorable family down for their newborn session.

Logan Newborn Photographer

This baby girl is quite the stubborn little lady! She was quite particular about the position she wanted to be in! Aubri said that was also the case in the womb, too. They had her turned head down when they induced labor in the hospital, and after hours of labor and dilation, she turned to stick her shoulder in the birth canal and they had to take her cesarean section. 

It took several attempts to get her to go into bum up pose. Each time as I would roll her onto her stomach, she would push herself backward onto her side. One time she even straightened out her legs to prevent me from rolling her. After a couple tries, she finally let me pose her in bum up, and I think that cuteness was worth the effort! Aubri said that was definitely her personality!

I’ve been having a lot of requests for purple this winter, and I kinda love it! The rich, deep tones just feel so artistic and vibrant! I tend to be drawn to the lighter, brighter shades, so it has been kind of fun to play with colors and try something a little different.

We also did family portraits with Mom, Dad, sister, and brother, so check out the family portion of this session!

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