Kids St Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about time and activities with my kids recently, so I scoured the internet for kids’ St Patrick’s Day craft ideas! I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites that we made so you can join the fun!

Leprechaun Paper plate Mask for Kids St Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

St Patricks Day Leprechaun Paper Plate Mask

This one is simple, but so fun! We used paint sticks to paint the orange beard (to avoid some of the mess). Then use construction paper to make the Leprechaun’s cute hat! I opted against the glitter (because that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!) You can check out the full tutorial at Simply Today Life.

Paper Plate Rainbow St Patrick's Day craft

Paper Plate Rainbow St Patrick’s Day Craft

This is a super colorful craft! Let your child color a rainbow on half a paper plate (we used paint sticks again). Then help them cut out the center once it’s dry. Cut 4-leaf clovers out of green construction paper, and use yarn to attach them to your rainbow. The full tutorial can be found at Cutesy Crafts.

Cereal Rainbow Craft for kids

Cereal Rainbow Craft for Kids

This is a great fine-motor craft for younger kids, and can be turned into a color sorting activity at the beginning as well. Have your child sort the cereal by color. Then draw a guide line on a paper for each color, leaving space in the corner for the cotton ball clouds. Put a line of glue over the first color, and let your child attach the cereal of that color to the paper. Once they have placed all the cereal on the glue lines, then add glue to attach the cotton balls. Now you have a colorful rainbow craft (and probably got a snack in, too!) You can find the full tutorial at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Handprint Leprechaun for Kids St Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Leprechaun Handprint Craft

This is a fun craft that also has the benefit of preserving those little handprints as your child grows! Skin-colored paint on the palm, orange paint on the fingers, and place that little hand down on the paper. Add a leprechaun hat and a cute face, and you have a festive leprechaun handprint! See more details at Crafty Morning.

Footprint Shamrock for Kids St Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Shamrock Footprint St Patricks Day Craft

This is another idea from Crafty Morning, but this time you can capture some little toes in paint! We modified it to use four little footprints create a shamrock! (My kids’ feet aren’t quite so tiny anymore.)

Bonus St Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Here are a few extra ideas I found that we didn’t have time for:

Well, there you have it! A list of kids St Patrick’s Day craft ideas to try with your littles! I hope you have as much fun as we did! Happy crafting!

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