Image of baby boy in Huggalugs bear set doing bum up pose

Huggalugs has the cutest little hat/pant sets! I recently got a newborn bear set, and it’s my new favorite outfit for little boys! 

Newborn boy wearing Huggalugs boy bear set


The first thing I noticed when I opened it was how soft it was. When working with newborns, you have to make sure things won’t be too rough on their delicate skin. This little set passed the softness test with flying colors! I think I need a whole blanket made of this stuff, because that texture just made me want to snuggle with it all day!

Image of baby boy in Huggalugs bear set tucked into bed


Another great thing about this set is how stretchy these little pants are! Babies who come in for their newborn session can be anywhere from 5-10 pounds, which is quite a range when you are looking for outfits that will fit any baby. These little Huggalug pants have the perfect stretch and fit great on this cute baby boy born at 9 lb 6 oz and 21 inches long. Huggalugs has put in the time and effort to get sizing just right for these sweet little newborn sets.

Image of baby boy in Huggalugs bear set doing Huck Finn pose


This little man was a little sensitive to touch. He didn’t like feeling my fluffy texture layer or when I touched his skin to pose him. As soon as I put this little bear set on him, things got a lot easier. He seemed so comfortable in the little pants, and I didn’t have to touch his legs directly to pose him. I think we both loved this adorable bear set.

Image of baby boy in Huggalugs bear set doing bum up pose


You don’t have to take my word on this one–just look how cute it is on this perfect little man! The hat has little ears, and there is the cutest little tail on the bum! It comes in this warm brown shade, and has some lighter tan and cream tones in it to give it great depth and texture. It’s fluffy and soft, too. (Did I mention that already?) I just love how it photographs!


I’m so happy with this little set! I can’t wait to use the bonnet and girl bear set that I also got from Huggalugs!