Reversible hat for Huggalugs Fall 2020 Line post

If you have read the post from last time I worked with Huggalugs, you know how much I LOVE their products! They make the best accessories for babies and toddlers! I had the opportunity to work with Carol (she’s amazing by the way) again to photograph Huggalugs Fall 2020 line of hats, and I’m so in love!

Double pom pom hat for Huggalugs Fall 2020 Line post


“Pom-pom! Pom-pom!” That’s what my daughter has been saying constantly since we started photographing these adorable hats. She thought it was so fun that the pom poms on top of her head wiggled when she shook her head! And this cute line has no shortage of pom-poms, so she was doing her little dance the whole time we photographed!

Pom pom hat for Huggalugs Fall 2020 Line post


These sweet knit hats are so soft! This little lady loved reaching up to feel them! I can’t blame her, I wanted to snuggle them myself! This is something I’ve noticed about all the knit Huggalugs products I’ve used–they are all so soft! If you are a texture person, you will love their products!

Bear hat for Huggalugs Fall 2020 Line post


The kids loved putting these on! They kept wanting to put them on faster than I could help them, so I had to check to make sure they weren’t on backwards for pictures. These hats are so comfy and they loved wearing them!


Obviously, when you’re looking for a hat, the purpose is to keep your child’s head warm. These earflap hats are lined with fleece to keep little heads and ears toasty warm! And then there’s this earflap hat that’s warm and…


Yep! Those two looks are the same hat! It has a cute knit design on one side and a super soft fur on the other side! I think she looks like a little eskimo with the fur on the outside! So cute! And she loved the pom poms dangling down! She kept grabbing them and showing me, “Pom-pom!”

Double pom pom hat for Huggalugs Fall 2020 Line post

Huggalugs Fall 2020 Line

I’m so excited for this fall line due in August! Huggalugs makes the cutest knit hats, and I’m totally obsessed! Also, if you are eyeing that cute hooded poncho or hooded coat sweater, those are both Huggalugs products as well! And the sweater is getting 2 new colors for fall: navy and pecan!