Image of a sizing guide for an Amazon listing of a stone bath mat and sink organizer


If you are selling on Amazon, you’ve likely noticed that your competition is using infographics to highlight important features of their products. Professional infographics in your Amazon listing can elevate the value of your product. Poorly designed infographics have the opposite effect and make potential customers think a product is cheaply made. This post will give tips and highlight some examples of infographic design.

Tips for infographics

Clear Purpose

What information do you want the infographic to convey? For example, is there a specific feature you want to highlight? What information does a customer need to know or understand before they purchase? Getting clear on the purpose is the first step to creating a professional infographic.

Intentional Word Choice

Infographics use images and minimal words to express the information. Be intentional about the few words you use, and make sure they resonate with your ideal customer.

Aesthetic Layout

It’s easy to try to pack too much into an infographic. As a result, your infographics can become cluttered or chaotic. Then, the message you are trying to convey won’t come through. A certain level of graphic design skill is needed to create an effective infographic.

Use Professional Photography

I might be a little biased, but nothing says “cheap” like a poor photoshop job. These images represent your brand, so this is not the place for DIY. Hiring a professional product photographer is the best way to get well-lit, sharp, clean images for your infographics.

Types and Examples of Infographic Design

Product Contents Infographic for Examples of Infographic Design post

Product Contents

Visual imagery combined with concise verbiage of important elements clearly defines what the customer should expect to receive when they purchase your product.

Feature Highlight Infographic for Examples of Infographic Design post

Feature Highlight

What makes your product stand out against the alternatives? Infographics can highlight specific features and show why a customer should purchase your product over other options on the market.

Comparison Chart

Side by side comparisons are a great way to show contrast. These can be illustrated with imagery if space allows. Alternatively, you can use a traditional chart with text.

Dimensions Sizing Guide Infographic for Examples of Infographic Design post

Sizing Guide

It’s important for a customer to know if a product will physically fit in their space before they purchase. Eliminate the guesswork for your customers by including a sizing guide/dimensions infographic.

Instructions Infographic for Examples of Infographic Design post


If your product requires assembly, create an instruction infographic to alleviate frustration. Instruction infographics are also great to help the customer understand how to use your product. This will help prevent bad reviews from customers that don’t intuitively grasp the usage.

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