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What are flat lays?

Flat lays are characterized as a product placed on a flat surface and photographed from above. Because of this bird’s eye view, we can clearly display your product, its details, and its features. Because flat lays can be minimalistic, or can be styled more elaborately, it can be used to show product groupings, color options, or as collaborations with non-competing brands. They are also great for storytelling and connecting with your customers emotionally.

example of flat lay product grouping

What kinds of products can We use flat lays for?

Flat lays are incredibly versatile so they can be used for many types of products across different industries. From clothing and accessories, to beauty products, to office supplies and food products. If you can set it on a flat surface and photograph it from above, then flat lays could be a good option to display your product.

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Where do we start?

When planning your flat lay session, it’s important that I understand your brand. We carefully plan out every detail from the color and texture of the background, to the lighting angle and intensity.  So, I intentionally add props and accents to represent your brand accurately. We want to ensure that the images used in your branding give the intended feeling and aesthetic so they will resonate with the customers you are trying to attract. Let’s tell the story of YOUR brand! We’ll pay close attention to:

  • Color palate
  • Shapes and Textures
  • Lighting
  • Minimalism vs lifestyle feel
  • Complimentary props (that don’t steal the spotlight) and accents
  • Patterns/product arrangement
  • Leading lines
Example of flat lay product grouping for product photography services post

What can I do with Flat Lay product photos?

Here are some great uses for flat lays:

  • Ecomerce page headers
  • Blog posts
  • Shop images
  • Announcing sales
  • Email marketing
  • New product announcements
  • Social media
    • Instagram teasers (in stories)
    • Posts
    • Ads 
  • Collaborations
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Flat lay photos can be a valuable way to elevate your brand, tell your brand’s story, and make an emotional connection to your customers. So, learn more about our Brand Photography