Image of baby in white and blue for Eagle Mountain Newborn Photographer post

I love being an Eagle Mountain newborn photographer! Getting to meet these sweet little babies in those precious first weeks of life is such a special experience! This little lady came several weeks before her due date, and she was the tiniest baby I’ve photographed in a while!

I seriously have the sweetest clients! Amanda (mom) was so amazing to work with! She was so easy going and chill during our session together. When I would pull out a few options and ask if she had a preference, she said she trusted my judgement to make it look great. I got to experiment more with different textures and get creative during this session, which was really fun! Amanda was so kind and gracious the entire time, and I loved creating these sweet images for her!

Eagle Mountain Newborn Photographer

Before this session, I was scheduling mostly 2-4 hour newborn sessions with very limited availability. During this shortened session, I realized how much variety I was able to get in a 1-hour, petite, swaddled session. These shorter sessions have since allowed me to accept newborn clients that I otherwise couldn’t fit into my schedule for an Elite newborn session.

Usually, I ask mom to choose an accent color to make a cohesive gallery. This sweet girl’s nursery is decorated with rainbows and bold colors, so we deviated from that a little bit.

This beautiful little lady was such a good sleeper and so curly! She loved being nestled in my fluff, and she just looked so cozy! 

We also did a bold blue for Mom, and I kinda love the contrast of the deep blue with the crisp white wrap! The purple lavender was also really fun, and I’ve had several other clients point it out as something they loved since.

It was fun to realize the potential of petite wrapped sessions. It made this session so fun! We can create beautiful portraits of this special time, even if a full 2-4 hour session isn’t a great fit for you right now.

Swaddling allows us to get great portraits even if you’re little one is awake. Swaddling usually puts newborns right to sleep! They love it!

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