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Every baby is different, and every family has different needs. I love being able to create special artwork designed for each client. My “behind-the-scenes” process helps me narrow in on your needs and how I can best serve you to create a custom experience tailored to you.

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We start with a consult. This can be done through email, over the phone, or even on a video call.

Personal Preferences

I love hearing about what is most important to my clients and what they want me to capture most. Maybe you really want a beautiful portrait with the new baby and your older child. Maybe there is a particular feature you want me to document. One of my clients thought it was so cute the way her daughter’s pinky fingers curved. Daddy had curved pinkies, too, and she wanted to see if it stayed that way or straightened out as she grew. Some clients love a certain image they saw on my website and wanted to do something similar with their baby. Knowing what is important to you helps me know how to best serve you and meet your needs.

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Color scheme

When choosing the colors for your newborn session, it can be helpful to think about where these portraits will be displayed. Would you like to put them in an “over-the-crib” trio wall arrangement? Then let’s talk about the nursery colors. Are they going in the living room? What color are the walls and textiles in your home? Would you like to create an album to display your portraits? We’ll keep that in mind as we plan your session. Here are some of the popular color palettes from my studio.

After I have a good idea what you are looking for from your session, I’ll iron out the details of designing your session. I’ll have the studio all set up according to your preferences when you arrive.

Portrait Session

This is the part of the process that you actually get to see! I’ll photograph your baby and capture the sweet portraits we’ve discussed. If you see a particular hat or headband that you love in the studio, I welcome that feedback. I want to create artwork that you love and adore of your sweet baby!

After the session, I’ll finalize your portraits into a beautiful gallery. I’ll make wall art arrangements and album mock-ups to help you visualize what we can create with your portraits. When everything is ready, you’ll be invited back to the studio for a selection and ordering appointment.

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Selection and Ordering Appointment

This is where everything we’ve planned and worked for comes to life! We make it fun with treats and a slideshow. I love to see the reactions on my clients’ faces when they get to see their portraits for the first time! It’s always so fun finding out which one is your favorite! My process makes it easy to get your portraits ready to display in your home.

Image showing wall art displayed in a home for custom experience post

Custom Experience

I love being able to work with each client to learn about them and create a custom experience. My full service studio is designed to make it easy to create beautiful portraits specifically for you and ready to enjoy every day in your home.

If you are interested in our custom experience, please reach out! I would love to chat!