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What is commercial photography?

There are a lot of different commercial photography types. Generally, the purpose of commercial photography is to present a product or service in a way that influences a customer to buy. So, commercial photography types include:

  • Product photography
    • Studio product photos
    • White background (Amazon listing photos)
    • Closeup 
    • Product grouping
    • Lifestyle
      • Flat lays
      • Tabletop photography
      • Modeled photography
  • Headshots
  • Environmental portraits
  • Architectural photography
  • Interior photography
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Why do I need professional commercial photography?

In this digital age, the average person is bombarded with professional photos everywhere they turn online. So, if you want to catch their attention (and not in an “oh, they DIYed that!” way), then you need your product or service to stand out. A professional commercial photographer inspires the viewer by giving them an emotional response to your product or service as well as highlighting its best features.

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What commercial photography types do I need?

Generally, this will depend on your specific business. A children’s clothing boutique will have different needs than a business that offers massage therapy services. If your shop sells hair bows, then you may need lifestyle and flat lay product photography and headshots for your team. In contrast, a restaurant may need more environmental portraits, architectural photography, interior photography, and (obviously) product photography of the food. So, make sure to find a commercial photographer who has experience in the type of photography that makes sense for your business.

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How do I find the right photographer for me?

When looking for a professional commercial photographer, you’ll first want to check out their portfolio to make sure their style matches how you want your product or service to be displayed. For example, I may not be the right fit for a rugged, outdoorsy brand who wants photos of their products being used in the woods. If you are looking for bright, clean, high-end photos of your products in an indoor or studio setting, that’s definitely my jam! If you are looking for dramatic images with very controlled lighting, I can help you there, too!

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