Little boy reaching for a branch of blossoms in his daddy's arms at the International Peace Gardens

It was so fun to do this blossom gender reveal at the International Peace Gardens! We were able to catch the blossoms at the perfect time! Blossom season is one of my favorite times for photos, so I look for any excuse to get pictures in those beauties! (My poor family is always getting dragged into doing blossom pictures.)

I think my son is starting to catch on, because this spring I drove him home from preschool one day and he exclaimed, “Mom, look! There are blossoms on that tree! Are we going to do pictures?!” I guess I’m a little obsessed, but I think they are so pretty!

Blossom Gender Reveal

I took my little family out in last year’s blossoms for a little blossom gender reveal session for baby #2.

My son is such a good sport.

First, he helped me make the little sign for him to hold. (He asked me a million times what it said.) Then when we got to the International Peace gardens, he was such a little stud! He was so excited to hold his sign and gave me the cutest little smiles. (It’s a good thing I’m raising a little model!)

After we got the images I wanted with the sign, we let him wander around the park with Daddy. And I kept taking pictures (because blossoms!)

I sure love my little family, and it’s so fun to be able to enjoy some fresh air (especially when it’s scented with flowers).

For anyone who didn’t know, baby #2 is a GIRL! So my little man got a sister (and they are so stinking cute together!)

It’s also way fun that my little lady has a cousin who is only a month and a half older than her. I’m so excited for her to grow up with cousins her age!

Check back soon to see my little lady’s newborn session!

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