Baby feet in his hospital bed with his hospital tags

In part 2 of this guest blog series, Alexis shares her birth story with her post-molar rainbow baby. (In case you missed it, Part 1 was about her molar pregnancy.) Images for this post were taken during her Fresh 48 session.

Birth Story

From Alexis:

Thursday October 11: Today was an interesting day. For majority of the day I actually felt semi normal! My emotions were in check, physically I accomplished more than my normal without feeling it much, and overall content. These feelings I hadn’t felt in several weeks or even months, so it was welcomed!

“Having accomplished baking 12 dozen cupcakes, plus a taster of each naturally, dance carpool, soccer practice and all the kids to bed on time by myself, I was rocking in Ethan’s room while he fell asleep when I was overcome instantly with the need to throw up.

“Immediately after throwing up I began contractions 4 minutes apart. Mentally, I knew to not get overly excited about these contractions so I laid down and patiently awaited for them to calm down. When Amos (my husband) went on break about 9:00 and asked how I was doing, he was quick to ask if he needed to come home. Responding with no, I’m fine you will be off soon (11) he assured me it was okay to come home. After about 30 more minutes, I requested he came home and for us to head in for the second time this week.

The Hospital

“While he headed home, I contacted Laura (my midwife) to have her meet us at the hospital. Initial check in showed no progression from earlier in the week. I requested to be monitored for a hour to see if the contractions would slow down. Hour 2 started about 11:30 pm…again no change. Laura assured me that I wasn’t going to go home if I wanted to stay, so I requested one more hour before deciding for myself. Now at 12:30 am, I had decided it is time and opposite to my plan I requested an epidural prior to my water breaking. By 2 am, I had my epidural, water broken and STILL no change.

“My goal now was to just fall asleep to have some sort of energy for when it was go time. By the time 4 an rolled, I progressed a whole 1 cm (5 cm). Feeling discouraged, I was asked if I wanted to try some Pitocin.

The Big Debut

“By 5 am the pressure had gone from inconsistent, to on top of one another! I was checked again and was a 9.5! We called in the birth team. Laura came hauling in within moments, and we were ready.

“After about 3-4 controlled pushes he was out! While it wasn’t my original birth plan, his birth was perfect!”