Image of Angora bonnet by Huggalugs for 360 product photography service post

What is 360 Product Photography?

If you’ve ever been to the website of a car manufacturer, you’ve probably seen 360 product photography. High-quality images are taken of a spinning product. So, it can be viewed from any angle. 360° Product photography is a relatively new service that is quickly becoming popular. This is because of the benefits to consumers (and businesses).

Benefits of 360 Product Photography Service

Elevate your Brand

There is a certain “wow factor” to 360° product photography. Not only do you have a crisp, clean electronic display of your product, but it’s actually spinning, too! This will catch your customers’ eye and make your product stand out against your competitors.

Purchasing Confidence

We live in a digital age where consumers can make purchases from the comfort of their couch in their underwear. Online shopping makes up an increasing amount of commerce, but brick-and-mortar storefronts still have an advantage that e-commerce hasn’t been able to replicate: physical touch. When shopping in person, a customer can hold a product and view it from different angles. This gives a customer increased confidence that the product is what they want before purchasing. You can give your customers similar confidence with 360 photography. This allows them to see details of your product from every angle and gives them an experience similar to holding it in their hand.

Minimize Product Returns

Returns can be costly for businesses, both in terms of revenue and customer confidence. According to Power Reviews, “item not matching the description” is a common reason for returning online purchases in 2021 at 49%. It is important to accurately portray your product online to avoid returns eating into your profits. 360° product photography gives customers confidence that they understand what they are purchasing, and can help minimize these returns.

360 degree product photography is a great way to elevate your brand, give your customers confidence in their purchase, and minimize returns. Add 360 product photography to your commercial session.