first day of school pictures with back to school chalkboard sign

Alright, who’s done this: You scour through Etsy looking for the perfect little “Back to School” printable for the first day of school pictures of your kids. Print it out. Fill it in. You hand it to your kid to get that one quick picture… and by the time you actually take said picture, the silly thing is bent, torn, or just flopping all over. Yep. Been there. Solution: Back to School Chalkboard Sign from New Tradition Crafts!

Back to School Chalkboard Sign

Okay, so I found the cutest little chalkboard sign for the first day of school pictures! It’s adorable and has a space for all the things you want to remember about the beginning of the school year. Date, grade, age, teacher, school, I want to be a _____ when I grow up, I love to ___, favorite food, favorite book, it’s all there! 

Seriously so much cuter than anything I could have come up with! So you fill it out with chalk or a chalk marker, and then when you’re done, you can erase it and use it again next year (or for another child). It’s perfect!

And to make it even better, it’s made of wood, so there’s no floppy, torn, or bent paper involved here! Seriously, it’s the best!

So, this cute little sign comes ready to fill out with 2 pieces of chalk. It’s the perfect size for little hands to hold.

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