This 3 month session for Baby Thomas was one of my very first way back in July.   My photography has come a long way since then, but I still can’t get over how stinking adorable this babe is! So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from their session.  Check out that sweet smile and those gorgeous eyelashes!  I love photographing babies!

A Little Background

This beautiful mama and I go WAAAY back. I mean diapers and onesies kind of timeframe.  We went through stuffed animals to barbies together. Then we moved on to nail polish and makeup.  Now we each have our own little one in diapers and onesies, so it’s been a while!

Aubri and Cade are great together.  They help and strengthen each other to become better.  These two complete each other to get through difficult situations together.  They are there for each other when times get tough.  I am so glad these two found each other, because they are so good for each other.  Now, I’m so excited that Baby Thomas has joined their family, and that I get to help them capture their beautiful memories with her.

Baby Thomas

Aubri asked for a lifestyle family session with some milestone images of her precious 3 month baby girl.  I jumped at the opportunity to photograph her cute family.  This little lady has the most beautiful brown eyes you’ve ever seen!  She also loved looking at herself in the mirror. (And who could blame her?!) At one point, she even pointed at her daddy while looking at my camera.  The session lasted a bit longer than she could handle, so she slept through the second part of it.  It was so much fun to capture some personal moments of this lovely new family. They are such a cute little bunch, and I love them to death!

Family picture of Mom, Dad, and Baby Thomas sitting on a couch

Image of a mom looking down at her Baby Thomas while the baby sticks her tongue out and smiles back

Image of Mom, Dad, and Baby Thomas standing together Photo of Baby Thomas sitting on Mom's lap on a couch

Picture of Dad holding Baby Thomas while Baby points up at him

Picture of Baby Thomas on a blanket smiling

Picture of Baby Thomas looking in the mirror with her fingers in her mouth

Picture of Mom holding Baby Thomas while going in to kiss her

Picture of mom smiling at Baby Thomas while baby looks at the camera

Picture of Mom and Dad kissing Baby Thomas on the cheeks