I was so happy that I had the opportunity to help celebrate baby Lemon’s one year birthday!  This little lady came in for a birthday session, and I just can’t get over how perfect she is!  She was so patient for me right up until we hit nap time.  Then she was just done.  We had lots of fun putting her in boxes and piles of presents.  She was less fond of sitting on the big chair, but she tolerated it when she got to hold the ONE letters.  I love the sweet smiles she gave me.  She and her sister both have the most beautiful blue eyes!  I’m still oogling over them several months later!  (If you want to see big sister’s Christmas session and more dreamy eyes, click here.)

Baby Lemon’s One Year Birthday

Not only does this girl have the most contagious smile, but she was so silly.  When we put her on the little chair, she decided it would be funny to turn around and sit backward on it instead.  Then she looked back at us with a sly little grin.

She liked sitting inside the big box surrounded by all the other presents.  She gave us the cutest little smiles while peeking over the edge and grabbing at the other boxes.  It was the most adorable thing to see that big grin with a few little teeth poking out.  I love baby smiles.

I was so glad to be able to do a session for baby Lemon’s one year birthday.  The Lemons are such a sweet family, and I love having any excuse to have their girls in front of my camera.  It’s so fun to watch these sweet little ladies play with my son, so with or without the camera, we love to have them over!

I hope you enjoy these images of this little sweetheart!  And if you stop for a few minutes to gush over her beautiful eyes, I won’t judge! I’ve been doing it for months.