Baby Dream Session close up shot of her beautiful eyelashes

What happens when you’re a newborn photographer, but your daughter is ten months old? Obviously you make naptime into a baby dream session!

Normally, my daughter takes naps in her bedroom with blackout curtains to make it dark and a noise machine to keep her from startling if Brother makes a little noise. That made it a little more difficult to get her to sleep in my well-lit studio with my light flashing at her.

Baby Dream Session

I cuddled her to sleep, then used ninja skills to move her onto the white setup I had prepared. Then, I placed her on her back, but she’s a, ‘sleep on her tummy,’ kind of girl, so she rolled over shortly after.

I am so jealous of my daughter’s eyelashes! They are long and dark and basically perfection! I admire them all the time as I cuddle her to sleep. As a newborn photographer, of course I had to get a detail shot of those beautiful lashes! I love macro shots! I also got her fingers, her toes, and her little ears. Then I attempted to move her into a bum up pose, and that’s when the, ‘dream,’ part of the session ended. Her little eyes fluttered open, then closed. She opened them again, looked at me, then pulled her arms under her to prop herself up.

On the plus side, she woke up in a great mood! We finished off with some adorable shots of her sweet smile. She didn’t want to stay put, and liked to climb and crawl all over, but she was so adorable that I went with it.

I’m so in love with this sweet girl! That little smile just melts my heart every time! There’s something so pure and beautiful about a baby in white! I just love the simplicity!

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