Baby bucked into little bed for professional newborn photographer post
Newborn baby boy in huck finn pose

Newborn photography is harder than it looks. (For a good laugh, Google “newborn photography Pinterest fails.”) If you want your baby’s photos to look professional and be safely captured, you probably want to find someone with experience. Here are 5 reasons to hire a professional newborn photographer.

Newborn baby boy in a heart with a bow tie

1. Safety

I marked that as #1 for a reason! The safety of your precious baby should be of the utmost importance when selecting a newborn photographer. It takes training and practice to know how to safely achieve those beautiful poses you’ve seen on Pinterest. Many people don’t know that some of them can only be safely achieved by combining two images together in Photoshop. The hanging basket or swing shots should always be a composite. Check out the Don’t Try this at Home post to learn more. It is obviously unsafe to have a baby suspended unsupported from any height. The baby’s head should always be supported during the potato sack pose. Your baby’s safety is always more important than saving a few minutes on editing. When selecting a newborn photographer, make sure you choose someone who has been through safety training and knows how to properly pose a baby to keep your child happy and safe during your session.

Image of Newborn baby girl in tiny bed

2. Education and Training

Safety training is only the beginning of the education for a newborn photographer. Newborn photography is very different from any other genre and requires education, training, and a whole lot of practice to master. Learning to soothe babies, posing, lighting, composition, angles, and how to get every little detail perfectly in place becomes a large investment in time and money. On multiple occasions, I’ve had parents remark, “Wow! that looks great right there on the back of your camera!” Knowing how to get the image as close to perfect as I can in camera helps me achieve better final images. When you hire a newborn photographer, you are paying for their expertise and ability to deliver a gallery consistent with their portfolio.

Smiling newborn baby girl sitting on a shelf

3. Editing Expertise

Though I strive to get everything I can right before the images ever reach my computer, editing newborn images comes with its own set of challenges. Some babies have jaundice. Others have flaky skin, baby acne, or scratches from their nails. Some have blotchy skin from the heat in the studio (to help them sleep). Knowing how to correct these temporary marks while retaining skin texture and avoiding the overly airbrushed look is a skill in itself. “He’s perfect, but he has some baby acne. Is it going to ruin the pictures?” I love being able to ease parents’ minds that I have the skillset to address these concerns.

Some poses simply can’t be done safely without the aid of Photoshop. I love that I can create interesting images that might look daring, but the baby was able to stay safe, secure, and fully supported the entire time. 

Newborn baby girl in a hammock

4. Professional Equipment, Lighting, Props, and Software

First, I want to clarify that having the gear doesn’t automatically make someone a good photographer. There is a lot more that goes into photography than just clicking a button. That being said, a professional photographer will have the tools required to do the job well. Hiring a newborn photographer means you don’t have to worry about providing the camera, lights, triggers, modifiers, outfits, headbands, buckets, bowls, etc. required to create beautiful, high quality images of your baby.

Baby girl in bum up pose for professional newborn photographer post

5. Time Sensitive

That newborn stage lasts for such a short period of time. My newborn clients typically come in for their session within the first 14 days of their baby’s life so we can achieve those sleepy, curly newborn poses. Around one week old, baby starts learning to stretch those little arms and legs out. After about two weeks, they become more awake and alert and baby acne is more likely to show up. (Refer to #3.) This is such a short window to get these precious images that you’ll cherish even more as time goes on.

In addition to that, parents don’t get much sleep with a newborn. Hiring a professional newborn photographer gives you reassurance that you will have beautiful photos of your sweet baby and can even sleep while the baby sleeps. (Parents have literally taken naps in my studio.) It also gives you the option to get that priceless family photo with your brand new baby. Your child will adore this picture with you for years to come!

Newborn baby girl in Huck Finn pose for professional newborn photographer post

Professional Newborn Photographer

This is such a special time for your family! Hiring a newborn photographer gives you the comfort of quality, consistency, and safety that comes from a professional. Relieve some stress, and let me worry about all the little details while you take a well-deserved break, knowing that you’ll receive priceless images that your family will cherish!

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