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My daughter kept stealing her brother’s bow ties to wear on her head, so I figured it was time to get her some new hair bows. These mini sailor bows from Sweet Ellie Mae Shop were exactly what I was looking for!

Little girl making a kissy face at her bear wearing a bow from mini sailor bow from Sweet Ellie Mae Shop

Customer Service

First off, Mariah was so helpful in helping me pick the perfect colors to match outfits I wanted to use them with! I was initially going to get a darker pink one, but when she saw the outfit, she suggested a lighter shade. Mariah is so sweet and amazing to work with!

Close up image of the mini sailor bow from Sweet Ellie Mae Shop


The first thing I noticed when I received these cute bows is how well they are made. They have a sturdy feel to them even though they are so petite and dainty. The fabric is thick and durable, so I think they will last a long time even though my daughter loves to pull them off and put them back on herself over and over again. (Yay for toddler independence…) The fabric has a nice texture to it, too. One of the bows has a sort of leather texture, and the other one has adorable gold polka dots. I love how well they photographed!

Smiling little girl wearing a bow from mini sailor bow from Sweet Ellie Mae Shop


These headbands also have an awesome feature of being “one size fits all.” The nylon headband will stretch to whatever size you need it without squeezing your little one’s head. Let’s be real, my daughter isn’t too careful to avoid stretching it when she pulls it on. When she stretches it out too much, I can just run hot water over the band and let it air dry to shrink it back to its original size. It’s soft and stretchy and ready for her to put on (and off, and back on again).

Little girl playing with a teddy bear wearing a hairbow from mini sailor bow from Sweet Ellie Mae Shop


These little bows are so dang cute! Something about tiny hair bows just makes me all excited inside! They are so fun, and my daughter and I both love them!

Little girl playing with an elephant stuffed animal

Sweet Ellie Mae Shop

Go check out the Sweet Ellie Mae Shop if you love these hair bows as much as I do!

Little girl with a bear

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