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Milestone and Newborn Photographer in Utah County

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Looking for photographers in Utah to document this special stage in your little one's life? Kashele Photography is a full service studio specializing in milestone and newborn photography in Utah County.

Hello, friend! I’m Kashele, a milestone and newborn photographer in Utah County. I’m so excited you’re here! I know there are a lot of options for Utah photographers, so I really appreciate your visit. If you love baby eyelashes, obsess over tiny fingers and toes, or live for slobbery kisses, then I can’t wait to connect with you! In this fast-paced world, I invite you to take a minute to pause and enjoy the simple, precious moments that could easily pass us by. The cuddles of a newborn, the giggles of a toddler, the wonder of a child. Each fleeting phase slipping away faster than the last. I love turning these precious memories into keepsakes to cherish for many years to come.

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“Kashele is the absolute sweetest. Newborn photography isn’t easy and she definitely knows her stuff. She has a lot of options to choose from for backgrounds/wraps/props, etc. She makes sure that you walk away with the pictures you want. I noticed during our session how much she pays attention to detail and is really able to capture great shots because of it! As a mother, with a brand new baby, I know I am extra sensitive to how people take care of the baby. Kashele is so calming and gentle. I never worried about my baby and knew she was in good hands! Kashele really is the whole package!”


Utah Photography Studio

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My studio is designed for newborn sessions, but it’s perfect for milestones as well! The use of my studio with its assortment of wraps, backdrops, props, headbands, bonnets, and little outfits are included with your creative fee. The only thing I need you to bring is your child (and maybe a binky!)

Kashele is amazing! The amount of details that she thinks of and prepares for …. it would be overwhelming for most people. She takes her time, makes sure that the room temp is appropriate, that your sweet little baby is safe and comfy every minute of the experience. She communicates what she’s doing as she’s doing it to keep momma at ease. And the final product is a beautiful one of a kind artistic image of your sweet baby. If your looking to celebrate your newborn with more than just a snapshot, with a piece of keepsake art that you will treasure for years…. Kashele is and should be your photographer.


This is such a special time of excitement and joy! Tiny toes, baby eyelashes, and newborn snuggles are enjoyed for such a short while before your sweet little one outgrows them. I love capturing those little features and moments to preserve them for you and your child.

When you schedule your newborn session, I promise:

Safety training was the first course I took before starting newborn photography. Even after years of experience, it’s the one I refresh myself on most frequently. I use composite techniques as a safety tool, and always have a spotter when necessary. Newborn safety is my highest priority, and I strive to make you and your child feel comfortable and safe throughout your session.

Baby acne? Blotchy skin? Little flakies? Not to worry! I specialize in newborns, so I’m experienced in correcting things that are common during those precious first few weeks of life. My retouching process clears up temporary blemishes while retaining the skin’s natural texture. I take great care in these final touches so your portraits will be polished without looking “over-edited.”

This is such a special time for you and your little one, and I can’t wait to help you document it! From picking your session colors to making your custom wall art, my full-service studio is designed to create portraits as unique as your baby and focused on what you want to remember most. We’ll customize your keepsakes so you can enjoy your portraits now and in future years!

We’ve been coming to Kashele for several years now. She’s taken milestone pictures of both my kids as well as family pictures multiple times and we always adore the results. She is always super patient and organized, and somehow even managed to get amazing pictures of my newborn while my 2 year old ran around the studio like a maniac. She even somehow got shots of both kids in between my daughter’s craziness. You only get one shot at documenting the tiny newborn stage, and with Kashele there’s no stress because you know the pictures will turn out great.”


I love making sessions fun for children. I approach milestone and family sessions like playtime, focusing on what your child loves to make them comfortable. Games and activities encourage play and put children at ease, allowing us to capture the relaxed, natural expressions that make your child unique.

“Kashele took some pictures of my two little girls…and I loved how they turned out. My girls never look at the camera and smile for me so it was fun to actually see them relaxed and cooperating. Kashele used some really fun ideas like a hide and seek game and an Elsa figurine on her camera to get my three year old involved. She did her homework and prepped to make it comfortable and fun for the girls. She was really patient and kind with them! I’d really recommend her!”


Photo of Amanda Hillman's newborn daughter

Here are a few of the most popular blog posts to help you know what to expect and understand what goes into your session.

I want to hear all about your sweet family!

Are you expecting? I’m so excited for you! When is your due date? Are there siblings you’d like in your portraits? Are you interested in parent shots? What color is the nursery? 

Milestone? How old is your child? What makes them laugh? What songs and books do they love? What makes them special? Tell me all about it!

Thank you so much for reaching out! I can’t wait to get in touch!

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